UCLA NanoMeTeR Lab Researchers


CURRENT Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

· Dr. Swarna Bansal Agarwal, Oil-tolerant UF membrane formation and application to produced water treatment

Graduate Student Researchers

· Benjamin R. Feinberg, Ph.D. Student, Advanced materials and processes for desalination and salinity gradient power

· Dukwoo “DJ” Jun, Ph.D. Student, Advanced membrane materials and processes for membrane bioreactors

· Catalina Marambio-Jones, Ph.D. Student, Fouling-resistant coating films for reverse osmosis membranes

· MaryTheresa M. Pendergast, Ph.D. Student, Nano-structured membranes for water filtration and desalination

· Yibing Mo, M.S. Student, Removal of trace organic contaminants from water by reverse osmosis and nanofiltration

· Jinwen Wang, Ph.D. Student, Advanced membrane materials and processes for produced water treatment

· Mavis Wong, Ph.D. Student, Advanced FO/PRO membrane materials and processes

Undergraduate Student Researchers

· Austen Grossman, B.S. Civil Eng. UCLA, 2013, Reverse electro-dialysis membrane characterization

· Jimmy Temple, B.S. Bioeng. UCLA, 2013, Advanced UF membrane materials for bioseparations

Past Research Group Members

Undergraduate Student Researchers

· Kristin Geiger, B.S. Civil Eng. UCLA, 2011

· Brandon Lanthier, B.S. Civil Eng. UCLA, 2010

· Jackie Leung, B.S. Civil Eng. UCLA, 2010

· Kristina Martinez, B.S. Civil Eng. UCLA, 2009

· Mavis Wong, B.S. Chem. Eng. UCLA, 2009 (went on to grad school in CEE at UCLA)

· Breanne Born, B.S. Env. Eng. UC Riverside, 2008 (went on to Peace Corp.)

· Nelson Chan, B.S. Civil Eng. UCLA, 2008 (went on to grad school in CEE at Stanford)

· Gil Hurwitz, B.S. Chem. Eng. UCLA, 2005 (went on to grad school in CEE at UCLA)

· Michael Miller, B.S. Physics, UCLA, 2005 (went on to grad school in Education at Stanford)

· Greg Guillen, B.S. Environ. Eng., UCR, 2005 (went on to grad school in CEE at UCLA)

· Terrence Cai, B.S. Chem. Eng. UCR, 2004 (Roche-Biochemical Pharmacology Core, Palo Alto, CA)

· Stephanie Tanguilig, B.S. Environ. Eng. UCR, 2003

Graduate Student Researchers

· Dr. Gregory R. Guillen, Ph.D., UCLA, 2012 (now at Water Planet Engineering, Los Angeles, CA)

· Dr. Gil Hurwitz, Ph.D., UCLA, 2012 (now at Water Planet Engineering, Los Angeles, CA)

· Tony Peng, M.S., UCLA, 2009

· Dr. Anna Jawor, Ph.D., UCLA, 2011 (now at now at Water Planet Engineering, Los Angeles, CA)

· Dr. Dian Tanuwidjaja, Ph.D., UCLA, 2010 (now at Water Planet Engineering, Los Angeles, CA)

· Dr. Xiaofei Huang, Ph.D., UCLA, 2009 (now at Advanced Hydro, Austin, TX)

· Jodie Nygaard, M.S., UCLA, 2008 (now at LA Sanitation District, Los Angeles, CA)

· Dr. Arun Subramani, Ph.D., UCR, 2007 (now at MWH, Arcadia, CA)A)

· Sunny Wang, M.S., UCR, 2005 (now at Black & Veatch, Los Angeles, CA)

· Gaurav Agarwal, M.S., UCR, 2004 (now at Riverside Public Utilities, Riverside, CA)

· Jeffrey Allred, M.S., UCR, 2006 (now at Eastern Municipal Water District, Perris, C

· Jaques Andre, M.S., UCR, 2003

Postdoctoral Researchers

· Dr. Guy Ramon, Postdoc, UCLA (now at Princeton University)

· Dr. Mingua Li, Postdoc, UCLA (now at Nalco Research, Chicago, Illinois)

· Dr. Mary Laura Lind, Postdoc, UCLA (now Assistant Professor, Arizona State University)

· Dr. Fubing Peng, Postdoc, UCLA (now at Nalco, Shanghai, China)

· Dr. Jin Xue, Postdoc, UCLA (now at University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

· Dr. Nalinkanth Ghone, Postdoc, UCLA (now at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India)

· Dr. Daniel Suk, Postdoc, UCLA (now at Samsung-Cheil, Seoul, Korea)

· Dr. Asim K. Ghosh, Postdoc, UCLA (now at the Bombay Atomic Research Center – Desalination Division, India)

· Dr. Byeong-Heon Jeong, Postdoc, UCR/UCLA (now at Hyundai – Fuel Cell Division, Korea)

· Dr. Suhan Kim, Postdoc, UCR/UCLA (now Assistant Professor, Pukyong University, Korea)

· Dr. Seok-tae "Steve" Kang, Postdoc, UCR (now Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea)

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Laboratory Director

Prof. Eric M.V. Hoek

Ph.D. Yale University, 2001

Research Interests:

colloidal and interfacial phenomena

membrane formation and characterization

nanomaterials and nanotechnology

electrokinetic and electrochemical processes

desalination and water reuse

bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation

salinity gradient energy production

blood filtration, dialysis, bio-separations

water purification in the developing world

Office: 5732-G Boelter Hall

Lab(s): 7713, 7714, 7717, 7763, 7764 Boelter Hall

Tel: (310) 206-3735

Fax: (310) 206-2222

E-mail: emvhoek@ucla.edu